Sunday, 14 May 2017

Eat Sleep Craft Repeat

Here are the four of us wearing the Aprons Loll had made for us, they certainly helped with some of our more splattery techniques.

Loll introduced Susan, Nancy and my self to to an acrylic art technique called an acrylic  Dirty Pour during our craft retreat.  For those that don't know what a Dirty Pour here's an example By Miabella Mojica .  It's basically pouring a number of acrylics into one pot with a little silicone oil and pouring it on a canvas, you then move the canvas until the whole surface is covered and use creme brule torch to create the cells.

 Just a heads up if you try this cover all your floors and your work surface it's really messy.
Now what we thought we would do is a little fun blog hop to see how everyone did.

This is mine and check out the others they are so amazing 😊

This one is a close up to show the cells

Head over to he other blogs to check out all the amazing pieces of art.

Stamping with Loll
The Cardmakers Garret
Scandy Nancy Creates


Loll said...

Don't we look happy??!! :) What a great five days we had together. Thanks again so much for hosting, Christine! Wonderful accommodations, delicious food, lots of chatting and laughing ... and lots of exploring art techniques. An awesome time together!!

Love your canvas, Christine. Wonderful mix of colours. It was so fun getting messy with paint! :) xx

Trina P. said...

What a happy group! 😂 You all look fabulous and it was so awesome to see you and meet the others.
Thank you for letting me join in the fun for a day.
Your canvas looks s cool. Love it.

nancy littrell said...

Your canvas is so Gorgeous, Christine. As always, even more beautiful IRL. We did have so much fun and lots of laughs with this technique :-) Loved all the metallic gold in your canvas and your way cool swirls. Can't wait to see more of your Retreat beauties. Hugs...

Susan said...

Beautiful combination of colours, Christine! It was so much fun doing this, as well as all our other techniques - not to mention eating together, talking, and the bit of sightseeing!

Karen Dunbrook said...

What a happy time for your lucky ladies! Looks wonderful each and every one of them, so unique.
Glad you had a fab time...I'm jealous ya know! lol
xx Karen

Nstiz said...

These turned out beautifully! Love the fluid acrylics and the stamping with distress stains is amazing! Your shading is just fabulous, Christine. What a fun time you are having and love those aprons!

Christine Alexander said...

perhaps there's a trip to BC on the horizon :)

Bonnie said...

I treasure this picture of my dear friends and wish I'd been there. Love your canvas, Christine! What wonderful movement and mix of colors and tones!

Mac Mable said...

Yes jealous too xx amazing and creative project, so unique and it looks like you all had fun? Thanks for sharing x

Leslie Miller said...

The good time you had is apparent on all your beautiful, smiling faces! I'm having fun just hopping around looking. This background looks amazing! Sounds messy, but I know you all had such fun with it.