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Welcome to my new crafting space (October2018)

I'm so excited that it's now finished (yes I'm doing a happy dance)
The cabinets, white book shelf and white shelving unit are all from Ikea, I'm still waiting for some inserts from Stamp N Storage to fit into my Kallax shelving unit. I've ordered the ink pad holders so my carousels will disappear soon
Here's a quick tour, still a little work to do on the back splash and thinking about some upper cabinets but I want to play with  space first and also have a big clean out.

I love all the counter space. 

I like having space for a kettle and fridge, makes life easy when I'm ready for a cup of tea with my crafty friends, some have mentioned I never need to leave my craft room 😏

The Ikea kitchen cabinets have a great selection of draws so I did a combo of cupboards and draws.  I had the carpenter put a single half draw in the corner so that i could fit my sewing machine in.

 Not all draws, shelves also come in handy.

I couldn't believe how quickly things filled up.

This is the other side of the room, I'm getting more inserts for the cubed shelving unit, as I mentioned the ink pad holders are on order, perhaps for Christmas I'll get the pen holders and the draw system. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new Craft room.


Hi every one, I'm Christine welcome to my blog mostly about card making and sometimes the odd dog post.
 I've been making cards for about 9 years and every year I get a tiny bit better, or perhaps developed more of my own style.  My passion is card making and love CAS and Mixed media, so when you combine the two I'm in card making heaven.
At home I  have my husband of 27 years and my 2 dogs.  We decided that 2 dogs are better than one especially if they are golden retrievers.
Meet Dylan (the name comes from Dylan Thomas the Welsh Poet, yes I'm Welsh) who's 4 an 1/2 years old  and Tika (from Tikka Massala, kennel name Redgold hot and spice) and is 2 as ofvAugust  2018
It's been a while since I posted a picture of my two wonderful dogs, so here they are, Dylan is 4 and Tika is 1 and a half.

IRL I am a Radiation Therapist at the Vancouver Cancer Centre, I have spent my whole life in heath care and love working with people, having said that I have 3 years before I retire and am looking forward to spending more time on my cards and with my dogs.


Darnell said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You are so lucky to have these beautiful dogs and one is a puppy, no less! We used to have a Golden named Ginger and she was the sweetest of many dogs we have had! Enjoy!! Hugs, Darnell

Heather Gerus said...

Hi Christine. My hubby and I are from Ottawa. Now living in South East Florida, love your dogs, we have a rescue named Gunnar that we thought was a Golden Retriever but after DNA testing he is actually mostly Great Pyr with some Chow. He is a big gentle giant though.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my GOSH! They're so beautiful! Yes, two Golden Retrievers are better than one. They provide more love and entertainment than I ever thought possible. Ours are a little older, but really just big puppies. The age spread between Wally and LuLu is the same as Dylan and Tika. It's so wonderful to see them. I'm happy now!

Leslie Miller said...

Now... about your craft room -- wow! All that space and the counter tops would be heaven. Love the white. Wish we had an Ikea here. And a fridge! I suppose my smaller room helps keep me in check. I can just imagine all the stuff I'd never get around to using. It sure would be nice to be able to spread out a little, though. This was a treat, Christine! I love seeing other peoples' stamp rooms!

Patti J said...

Love your new room, and your dogs are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

nancy littrell said...

I keep going back and forth to see every nook and cranny..and even a new sink and fridge and...craft table with 4 chairs for you, Loll, Susan and Trina:-) How awesome. You did a wonderfully creative and useful craft room design, Christine. Congratulations, my friend. TFS Hugs..Nancy

P.S. Plenty of room under the table for Dylan and Tika too:-) Such sweet and beautiful Golden's. TFS them too:-)

nancy littrell said...

Thank you so much Christine for sharing your gorgeous and beautifully designed craft room. I just took the tour of your room and LOVED every nook and cranny. You, Loll, Susan and Trina are going to have so much fun creating together. Gosh, you even have 4 chairs, a tea kettle and sink:-) Would love to see IRL, but TFS all your photos. Love and Hugs, Nancy

Loll said...

Fantastic work space Christine. Can't wait to come over and have a play day. Lots of counter space which is AWESOME! And lots of room at the table. Great work designing, Christine! xx

BożenA said...

Hi Christine,
wonderful new craft room! So beautiful and spacious. I understand your love for these wonderful dogs.

Mac Mable said...

Great space, well thought out and plenty of space for your crafty friends and the two adorable dogs.....Loving the fridge, counter top space and sink too x

Susan said...

Great photo tour of your new space. Can’t wait to come over and craft with you in it!

Trina P. said...

AH-MAZING craft space! So organized and well laid out to maximize that area. You definitely need it for all those supplies! 😉 I can’t wait to see it in person! xx
Adorable pics of Dylan and Tika!

Di said...

Love your craft room, and naturally adore your beautiful dogs.


Di xx

MaryH said...

It's a lovely space where you will enjoy so much creative time. Fab idea to have your fridge and sink, and also space for your sewing machine to keep out of sight until needed. I love all the light, and you've got your supplies arranged well, already. Bet you are looking forward to spending a lot of time there. I think it's beautiful! TFS ps...dogs are gorgeous too!

Ros Crawford said...

Oh it's wonderful!! What a lovely place to create and I gotta say... I LOVE those dogs!!

I Card Everyone said...

Hi Christine! Please add your email to your blog? I'd love to thank you when you stop by!! xx STill loving your blog name!!!

Jo M said...

I love your dogs. I still remember having a friend visit with her 5 dogs; 3 goldies and 2 labradors. Going swimming was not easy. Being rescued by 3 goldies is always fun.
I've just stumbled onto your site. I like your group and your enthusiastiasm.
Please keep safe.